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Best Coaching Courses: Top 5 Programs for 2023 + Launchware

Feature image showcasing Launchware platform and Elementum Coaching, revolutionizing the way coaches launch their businesses and offer top-rated coaching courses


If you’re passionate about coaching and committed to enhancing your skills, you’re in the ideal spot. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll navigate through the best coaching courses of 2023, examining a multitude of disciplines such as Emotional Intelligence, Neuroscience-Based Modalities, and Conflict Management. Additionally, we’ll explore how Launchware’s innovative platform can simplify the process of running your coaching business efficiently.

1. Elementum Coaching – A Comprehensive 7-Month Journey

Qualifications & Disciplines:

  • Somatic Release Techniques
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Neuroscience Based Modalities
  • And 15 more disciplines

Embark on a life-changing, seven-month journey with Elementum Coaching. This program is a melting pot of various coaching disciplines, ranging from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques to Spiritual Wisdom and Sexual Embodiment. If you’re looking for an all-encompassing coaching experience, Elementum is your best bet.

2. Coach U Core Essentials – Tailored for Business and Life

Qualifications & Disciplines:

  • Business coaching
  • Life coaching
  • Performance coaching

The Coach U Core Essentials program offers a tailored approach to coaching, focusing on business and life coaching. It provides essential tools for those who are looking to excel in these particular niches.

3. The Co-Active Training Institute – Transformative Leadership & Coaching

Qualifications & Disciplines:

  • Co-Active coaching model
  • Transformational leadership

If your coaching style leans towards creating transformative experiences, the Co-Active Training Institute is well-suited for you. This program is known for its Co-Active coaching model, which has been adopted by organizations worldwide.

4. iPEC Coach Training – The Energetic Perspective

Qualifications & Disciplines:

  • Energy Leadership
  • Transitional coaching

iPEC goes beyond traditional coaching techniques by incorporating Energy Leadership into its curriculum. It’s an excellent choice for those looking to incorporate a holistic approach into their coaching practice.

5. Newfield Network’s Ontological Coaching Program – Mind & Body Alignment

Qualifications & Disciplines:

  • Ontological practices
  • Somatic coaching

Newfield Network’s Ontological Coaching focuses on the alignment of mind and body, a crucial aspect often overlooked in traditional coaching programs.

How Launchware Fits Into the Landscape

Amidst the plethora of options, Launchware emerges as a potent tool to facilitate the business aspects of your coaching journey. With features like daily LIVE coaching sessions and a series of questionnaires for building business components such as funnels and websites, Launchware simplifies the nitty-gritty details, allowing you to focus on what matters most: coaching. Join Launchware here:


In a world where coaching modalities are continuously evolving, making a well-informed decision about the best coaching courses could make all the difference in your career. Coupled with the right training and the business management features of Launchware, you’ll be set to create meaningful impact in the lives of those you coach. Don’t just follow the trend; lead in your unique style with the right training and tools.